Enterprise Projects

Investment in an Approved Enterprise Project (an Enterprise)

The Cabinet of Ministers will consider enterprise projects to be included on the approved list for the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Approved enterprise projects fall into seven (7) broad categories:

  1.  Specialty Restaurants
  2.  Cruise ports and marinas
  3.  Agro-processing plants
  4.  Pharmaceutical products
  5.  Ports, bridges, roads and highways
  6.  Research institutions and facilities
  7.  Offshore universities

Once approved the enterprise project becomes available for qualifying investments from applicants for citizenship by investment.

Once an application for citizenship by means of an investment in an approved enterprise project has been approved, the following minimum investment is required:

Option 1 – A sole applicant.

  • A minimum investment of  US$3,500,000

Option 2 – More than one applicant (joint venture).

  • A minimum investment of US$ 6,000,000 with each applicant contributing no less than US$1,000,000